Clean water. Down to the last drop.

Fight PFAS contamination by eliminating them entirely from wastewater.

Eliminate PFAS, completely.

We empower industrial and environmental remediation companies in their fight against PFAS (per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) with the most advanced technology on the market. Don’t just filter or adsorb PFAS – destroy them completely. Tackle short, medium, and long chain PFAS at the source and clean up historical contamination to below detection limits, with Oxyle.

Your complete PFAS treatment system.

Permanent, scalable, and sustainable PFAS destruction.

Eliminate any PFAS

Go beyond filtering or adsorbing PFAS. Completely eliminate over 99% of long, medium, and short chain PFAS to well below regulatory limits in one step.

Save on energy

Inefficient destruction technologies guzzle 15x more energy than Oxyle’s. Oxyle is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution available.

Surpass ESG goals

Our solution ensures zero toxic secondary waste, so you can bypass CO2-heavy incineration and significantly reduce water consumption.

Trust in proven tech

We’re introducing an innovative catalyst into trusted, proven water treatment operations. Our solution has been validated with uptime exceeding six months.

Jeroen De Lathouwer, VP Business Development
"In our mission to fight PFAS, Oxyle plays a vital role. Their groundbreaking technology not only efficiently eradicates stubborn short-chain PFAS from wastewater but does so with remarkably low energy consumption, setting a new standard in the field. We're excited about the possibilities ahead as we continue our journey to combat these harmful chemicals."
Sébastien Meylan, Chef du Service Environnement
”Teaming up with partners like Oxyle is an important part of our overall environmental remediation strategy. The pilot far surpassed our expectations and we’re proud to have them as a partner in our efforts to preserve the purity and safety of our waters for generations to come.”

Your complete PFAS treatment system.

We treat PFAS for an ever-expanding range of applications. Learn how Oxyle’s technology can fit your needs.


The primary solution for treating PFAS was adsorption or separation. PFAS were removed but never destroyed. Incineration the sole, imperfect solve. It cost your business a lot and the planet even more. Public concern is growing, regulations tightening. It was difficult to stay compliant, with no guarantee.


PFAS are destroyed. They are broken down completely into harmless minerals. Your business doesn’t just meet, but surpasses regulatory requirements, at a fraction of the cost. You exemplify the kind of environmental stewardship that regulators and your customers demand.

Welcome to the new age of PFAS treatment.

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