Soil and Site Remediation

The most effective way to clean-up PFAS contaminated soil and sites.

Our future depends on clean, healthy soils.

We need healthy soil. To build. To grow food. To sustain life. To mitigate climate change. PFAS contamination jeopardizes these critical roles, introducing lasting harm to our ecosystem. We help your business reverse soil and site contamination. Eliminate >99% of PFAS from soil-wash water and site remediation run-off and leave behind a world that provides for future generations.

Soil and site remediation made easy, effective, and ecological.

Cut costs

Slash your operational expenses with the most energy efficient approach on the market.

Treat in minutes

No drawn-out treatments, no delayed impact. Remediate in as little as 30 minutes.

Save on space

Containerized, stackable reactors eliminate the logistical and capital challenges associated with a large physical footprint.

Integrate seamlessly

Seamlessly combine our reactors with up-concentration solutions for optimized treatment.

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