Surface- and Groundwater Remediation

Reverse PFAS contamination effectively and sustainably with Oxyle.

Groundwater is a lifeline for billions around the world.

The value of surface- and groundwater cannot be overstated. Drinking water for communities. Sustenance for agriculture. A life source for countless ecosystems. Over the last near- 100 years, massive amounts of PFAS have contaminated our water sources. A problem, that is only escalating. Restore our surface- and groundwater now with technology that doesn’t just move the contamination, but destroys it entirely. 

Permanent, scalable, and sustainable surface- and groundwater remediation.

Cut costs

Slash your operational expenses with the most energy efficient approach on the market.

Eliminate any PFAS

Don’t just transfer PFAS from one medium to another. Permanently eradicate >99% of short-, medium-, and long-chain PFAS in one step.  

Reduce your impact

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint with Oxyle; boasting the lowest emissions in the industry.

Zero waste

No more hauling hazardous waste offsite for treatment. Mineralize PFAS into safe, dischargeable compounds with no harmful by-products.

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