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>99% PFAS destruction.

No secondary waste.

Oxyle employs proven elimination processes to effectively break down >99% PFAS into harmless, mineralized products.

The Oxyle difference.

High removal efficiency

Complete elimination of short-, medium-, and long-chain PFAS to below detection limits.

Zero secondary waste

PFAS are mineralized into safe, dischargeable compounds, leaving no by-products.

Universal destruction

Universal, non-selective elimination of all organic micropollutants.

Long lifespan

The catalyst has a long operational lifetime. It is mechanically robust, fully recyclable, and reusable.

Energy efficient

Slash your operational expenses with the most energy efficient approach on the market.

Give destruction a boost.

Up-concentration solutions can be combined with our destruction tech to boost the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the overall PFAS treatment system.


Nanofiltration uses a nanometer-pore membrane that allows clean water through while blocking larger PFAS molecules. This process concentrates PFAS 5-10x, enhancing the efficiency of advanced treatment.

Foam Fractionation

Foam fractionation leverages the unique properties of PFAS to accumulate at the air-water interface of air bubbles. The bubbles rise forming a froth layer, enabling the removal of PFAS as a highly concentrated stream.

Better PFAS management starts with better measurement.

Determining the effectiveness of PFAS treatments took weeks. With Oxyle, it will take minutes. We develop proprietary machine learning models that draw on data points from multiple sensors to monitor and adapt treatment in real-time. Today, we can predict if discharge limits of 100 ng/l are achieved with 99% accuracy for groundwater. Tomorrow, we’re working towards 2 ng/l for all applications. 

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